Incredible weight loss! Minus 136 lbs in just 3 months! Personal experience…

In just a few months, what once seemed impossible became a reality. My weight was 273 lbs, and I lost exactly half of it in order to survive.

The beginning of the end

My name is Amy, I am 32 years old and my story is a must-read for all women.

I've never been skinny. Since I was a child I’ve suffered from excess weight.

However, that fact did not stop me from having a normal life and enjoy it. I have tried numerous diets and exercises, I went to the gym trying to lose weight. But, all to no avail, I had neither enough willpower nor desire. And those lost 4-6 lbs quickly came back.

Just as many other plus size girls, I've had quite a low self-esteem. I was shy of my own body, was not sure about my attractiveness, and I had virtually no contact with men. However, this did not stop me from getting married and becoming a happy wife. Well, that happiness didn’t last very long.

My excess pounds and unsuccessful attempts to lose weight were driving him crazy. He literally became a monster: he kept yelling at me calling me a fat pig, he was angry and even tried taking food away from me. In the end, my husband started beating me!

Within a year of marriage, my husband has changed a lot. At first, he was hinting but then he openly started telling me to lose weight. He was comparing me to other women, saying that I didn’t excite him anymore. He was calling me a “fat scarecrow”, threatened to leave me and to find another woman.

I loved my husband and was afraid of losing him, so like a crazy person, I was looking for any opportunity to lose weight. I was constantly trying different diets, joined a gym, even went for the separate nutrition - I totally immersed in the process.

The worst part was that all my efforts were getting reduced to zero. My weight wasn’t getting any lower over time. The maximum amount of pounds I managed to lose was 11 lbs!! Only 11! My husband couldn't understand how hard it was and how much effort it has taken. He wasn’t supporting me at all, he was constantly humiliating me instead. When I came off another diet, he took away all the food from me.He has become a real monster, anger and aggression took over him, my body became repulsive to him.

Our life turned into a nightmare, I was completely crushed and could see no way out of the situation. I was afraid of becoming lonely, nobody wants a fat girl. Well, I didn’t know back then that the worst part was waiting for me ahead. After another quarrel, he beat me so heavily that I passed out and then woke up in the hospital. My husband left me, and that was the end of our family life.

Time for a change

When I awoke in the hospital, my only desire was to die. My life collapsed, and I had absolutely no idea what to do next and how to live.

As a part of my treatment was I had to obligatory become a part of the group of anonymous victims of domestic violence. My parents, as well as doctors, insisted on me attending that because I couldn’t cope with my problems myself.

Examples of those people shocked me, for the first time in a long time, after all my setbacks, I started believing that I had a chance to change my life and that excess weight is not a death sentence!

Within that group we shared our stories, telling each other about our experience. When it came to my turn, I told everything and got touched by the people's reaction. I’ve never heard so many kind words or seen such a powerful support. I cried with the tears of joy and relief. And the most incredible thing was when one of the girls said that she would help me lose weight:

“ - I know what you need to do to lose weight. Do you want me to help you?

- Even the word “diet” gives me anxiety, I won't be able to go through all this!

- No, don’t worry, it’s not about dieting, it is a brand new approach! No diets, exercise or starvation especially. All you need to do is to drink the crunchless 6 pack, that's all.

- Honestly, it's hard to believe, I've tried so much stuff already that I’m not not sure...

- I understand that it seems unreal, especially after everything you’ve gone through. Believe me, I would never recommend you anything I’m not sure about myself. My mom lost weight with the crunchless 6 pack supplement. She lost 37 lbs in 3 weeks! Just imagine, it is a very good result, and what’s most important, she did it so easily. There were no restrictions, she kept living her life as usual and eating everything she wanted.

- Sounds very tempting!

- Try it, you risk nothing.”

I've been going hundreds of thousands of times over this dialogue in my head. After analyzing the information on the Internet, reading numerous reviews and posts (by the way, I was surprised by the fact that some celebs use it) I finally decided to give the crunchless 6 pack, a go.

It's just incredible! crunchless 6 pack really does work! You just take 2 capsules before bed and the fat gets burned. Day by day your body weight becomes lower and lower.

How it works

crunchless 6 pack - is a unique fat burner that naturally removes all fats deposits from the body in the shortest amount of time. Its natural formula provides delicate cleansing, and causes no relapsing after discontinuation.

Improving your metabolism and suppressing your hunger will increase your body's ability to burn fat!

  1. Highly refined ingredients!
  2. Reduce Food Cravings!
  3. Increase Metabolism to Burn Fat!

New life

My first emotions after taking the crunchless 6 pack were impossible to describe with words. Such a real delight! After a week of use, I noticed the first results.

My belly became much flatter, and I began to noticeably feel better. Some lightness appeared in the way I felt and moved. The most interesting thing was that you only need to take these capsules before bedtime, just as the girl from that group told me. No diets and problems with nutrition. What to eat to satisfy the hunger but not to gain extra calories at the same time - was always the biggest headache of mine. I no longer had problems with that. I ate as usual, like all ordinary people do, without any restrictions.

Finally, the goal was reached! In just 3 months I lost 136 lbs and my life has changed dramatically. I finally became a beautiful and a slender woman I’ve always wanted to be.

Week by week I kept losing more and more. Within the first month, I managed to lose 51 lbs. It was a good result, my weight decreased noticeably but it was not enough.

I watched as my body got transformed. After another month, 37 more pounds were gone. My body became more taut with tightened skin and no cellulite. Those changes have become noticeable not just to me but to others also. People began to show interest in me, I made some new friends. I became much more confident in myself. I started wanting to wear dresses again, I wanted to be attractive, to feel beautiful and sexy.

In just three months I lost 136 lbs -, that is exactly half of my weight. I could not imagine that someday I will be able to achieve this. My life has changed dramatically during those three months. All my fears and problems are in the past now. The crunchless 6 pack gave me the body I’ve always dreamed of.

I went through a very rough patch, but due to proper treatment and support of people around me, I reached my goal. You know how sometimes it's hard to believe that everything will work out and put yourself together. That is why I so happy share my story with you. I know that this crunchless 6 pack supplement has helped me, and it will definitely help someone else. Maybe this very moment someone is looking for a proven and effective way to lose weight.


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  • Ruth
    It’s awful, your husband needs to be punished, you need to file a police report!! You did great that you didn’t fall apart or gave up. Good luck to you!
  • Olga
    Your experience is impressive, thank you for sharing your method. I also have serious problems with weight and want to order the crunchless 6 pack. I hope it will help me too.
    • Emmy
      Olga, of course you should try it! I'm sure it will, just as it helped me. That was the reason why I published this blog post, I hoped to help girls find useful information, and not to give up. I know like no other, how important the support is. Good luck, and don't forget to share your results!)
  • Fleur
    Yeah, crunchless 6 pack is now a very popular thing, it’s so hyped up. I wanted to order some more for myself, but there was not enough of it. I had to wait for a new supply. Well, I already see the results but still wait for the rest to go away. Emmy, thanks for your post, and wish you to get married soon.
  • Chloe
    I understand you very well... My husband left me with a child because I also could not quickly lose weight (after giving birth to my child in my case) after childbirth :( I tried to lose weight at the gym, tried to get my body in shape but it all was to no avail. My personal trainer recommended me trying the crunchless 6 pack. Such a great thing to boost metabolism, I highly recommend it, the fat gets burned instantly!
  • Alice
    Thank God for helping you get rid of such a man, he’s a true despot! Good luck, you're in a great shape, the envy of all!
  • Maria
    My friend and I both ordered the crunchless 6 pack, we cannot wait for the delivery to come. Can't wait to start))
  • Lena
    Oh, my favorite crunchless 6 pack! I love it so much!. A few years ago, a friend of mine brought it from Europe for me. We didn’t have it back then, such a cool stuff) I lost 57 lbs with it, it’s even scary to remember how fat I was))) I lost weight pretty quickly and without any problems, but most importantly, my weight is still stable.