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Article By: Frank Lively - Seattle Washington It was a beautiful late spring morning and after months of training, I was going to run my first marathon at age 47.

I’d been training all year for this event and it was finally here.

Now you might think 47 is not old, but for years I had been feeling my age.

Most days I'd wake up tired and sluggish, unable to get myself out of bed.

By around 3pm in the afternoon, I would hit a wall and crash... And then load my body up with coffee and sugar-filled energy drinks just to keep going.

And with each passing birthday, my belly was growing larger and larger….

For the past year I was under strict doctor’s orders to get more active and healthy.

My blood pressure was through the roof and I was on the verge of becoming a diabetic.

“If I Didn’t Lose Weight And Get In Shape
I Would Be DEAD By 50!”

If I was going to get fit and healthy, I needed a big goal... Something to get me excited and motivated.

So I decided to run a marathon.

I gave myself a full 365 days to prepare.

Now let me tell you, the training was grueling. Most days I looked for any excuse not to run.

Being tired all the time was tough, but I stuck to my plan. Nothing was going to stop me from running this marathon.

Before the race, I met a guy warming up who didn’t look that much older than me…

Turns out this guy was a medical doctor with a strange nickname.

They called him...

The Ageless Energizer Bunny…

We got talking and I found out the doctor was in fact 72 years old.

Now the amazing thing about this doctor was -- not only did he look young -- but he was running his 5th marathon... IN THE PAST 5 DAYS!

I couldn't believe it.

Training for the marathon did help a lot of my health issues, but I still felt tired and exhausted all the time.

So I had to ask him: “what is the secret for looking young and having so much energy?”

He gave me his name and told me he’d share his secret after the race.

The marathon began and I ran a respectable 5 hour and 49 minutes. I was proud of my effort and it was great to see my family and friends at the finish line cheering me on.

... But I still couldn't get this 72 year old doctor out of head.

I was desperate to know his secret.

The problem was… I couldn’t find him anywhere!

I looked everywhere for him, even getting my wife and family to help out but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then I found out…

This 72-Year-Old Doctor Had Blown Past Me & Finished The Marathon In Under 3 Hours...

I was shocked!

Later that afternoon, I did some research and I found out this doctor had been practicing medicine for 45 years.

Not only that, he travels the world doing humanitarian relief and is a pioneer in natural medicine.

I kept digging... I needed to find his secret for all-day energy and great health…

And that's when I discovered this shocking warrior zero project presentation.

In the warrior zero project presentation, the doctor reveals…

Staying Young, Healthy and Full Of Energy…
Begins In Your Gut…

You see, when your digestive system is damaged (like most people), your body can no longer break down and process food.

Which means you can’t extract KEY nutrients. This leaves your body open to all sorts of deadly diseases and chronic health issues.

The first warning signs are -- poor energy, fatigue, bloating, constipation and weight gain.

Now what’s causing these gut issues?

According to the doctor, it comes down to a few things which include: the foods we eat, an overprescription of antibiotics, common day-to-day stress and the tap water we drink and shower with.

While most of these things are hard to avoid, there is some good news.

The 72-year-old doctor spent years of research and dedication to come up with a simple trick to quickly (and easily) fix your gut health problem...

He reveals his secret in this short viral warrior zero project presentation.

Now honestly, I took the doctor's advice. I did what he said and here’s what happened…

Day 1 - I felt nothing.

Day 2 - the same thing.

Day 3 - I noticed a small difference, I had an extra spring in my step. Still wasn’t feeling anything significant.

Day 4 - This is when it hit me, I woke up and practically jumped out of bed. My eyes were wide open and I felt great… ready to take on the world!

I thought it was a fluke…

But on Day 5, the same thing happened again.

I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better
But I Was Wrong…

On Day 7, after just 4 hours of sleep, I woke up crystal clear and wide awake. I even forgot my coffee… but I didn't need it.

I could see a noticeable change in my belly, the fat was practically melting away. I felt super productive all day and when I got home at night, my wife got an even BIGGER surprise.

Now I won’t go into too much detail here but in my wife’s words...

“I Was Like A Teenager Again!”

Soon, I started sharing this warrior zero project presentation with all my family members and friends.

They kept begging me for my secret.

Now this warrior zero project presentation may not be up for very long. Many in the medical community are trying to get it taken down.

And with the thousands of dollars many doctors receive in “kickbacks” by Big Pharma, it’s understandable.

All I can say is Check Out the the warrior zero project presentation now before it’s taken down forever.

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